Iam Selfhating Somali

You'd be nuts not to be a self hater. I'm sure that educated dung beetles are self haters too. Can't blame them. We are the dung beetles of the human species.


When will Xaarmaajo stop fearing Abiy?
Lets make a political group named:
The Selfhating Somali Union

The goal of this political party is to solve the very roots of selfhatred:
Stability and economical recovery
Of course I am. There's so little to be proud of. Politically, economically, in education and scientific advancement we are at the bottom of the barrel. And then we have this issue with jareer people who are more advanced than us, even in Somalia.
I cannot hate that which makes me proud and unqiue.

The world will tell you to be a shamed of your somalinimo but that's when you remind that Somalis are nothing if not stubborn survivors and nothing breaks us and it will thrive and survivor in despite of everything, drawing strength from your ancestors who fought for freedom.

Take the best part of your Somalinimo and use it as an amor.


Medical specialist in diagnosing Majeerteentitis
I lowkey love it when ajnabis tell me that I am different from other Somalis. When I'm abroad, I tell people that I'm from the Netherlands.
So self hating is a regular thing here huh?
Yup if you hadn't already noticed. They just cry online about how bad things are, only contribute negativity, and would never do anything to make things better. A bunch of wastes tbh. (I think this has more to do with their personal lives).


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