I Will Surrender To Somalinimo IF?

I lay out a challenge to all Somalis, it's a simple challenge. What the hell did HAG OR SNM ever do for Somalia, they sure love to criticize Darod on everything, but show us one positive legacy that has come from any of your leaders and I will concede that my hate of your clan is unjustified.

1960-69. The era of SYL. We know who created that philosophy it was keendiid children who resurrected a national party to bring independence to Somalia because they knew what it felt like being independent kingdom as Majerteniya/Hobyo sultanate. There was no SYL movement till Majerten was forced to join Somalia in 1927 and I say forced because Italy had to destroy the sultanates, it wasn't willing union with the south. The south only learnt about independence from a clan that was independent, anyone who says otherwise makes no sense, why didn't u create the SYL before majerten came?

1960-69 - Hawiye contribution was Aden Adde n Abdullahi Issa, show me what they hell they left waryaa, please show me other then being president, is their any positive change they did for Somalia besides 'pass power peacefully' lol. They had 8 years between them and I don't see any positive legacy

1969 - 1991- This was the Marehan era, they created everything we know of Modern Somalia. The ports, airports, roads, schools, language script, health, universities,army. Somalis were quite prosperous in this time period.

Ogadens contributed Somalinimo philosophy that the SYL turned into a national govt agenda which was totally OG/MJ miscalculation, Somalinimo should've been left as a social matter not a shared govt tho. Most Somali literature comes from this clan Sayid for example..

Dhulbahante contributed the legacy of the darwish, till today soldiers try to live up to that standard somali wide in their armed forces.

Warsangeli - Call em langabs all u want but they were recognized as a sultanate by the british also who overthrew violently their sultanates and forced them to join SL as subjects of the queen and not subjects of the Sultan. These are facts, u can love it or lump it.

1991-2006 - This is all I can say was Hawiye contribution to the nation destruction, looting, raping, isbaaro, warlord, terror, land robbing in the south. These are clear things we can see on the ground about your legacy. I don't see jack shit of abdullahi issa or aden adde legacy which was what? I don't know what the fuck aden adde did and abdullahi issa formed the union with SL and that's it following not his own idea but SYL of course. Like this HG pm now, u think his exercising his philosophy on the govt, he is guided also by federalism.

What the hell did an SNM OR USC do for us waa sucaal lays waydiyo runti, can any darod clan say anything positive came to them from then? xitaa hal ceel biyood haba noqote kkkkk. I don't see it, hawiye and isaaq back down, you are wadani by lip service but moryan and dhiig madow by heart. You don't add shit to this nation nor can u claim u left anything for any darod clan.
When do isaaqs even claim to be Wadanis when we want nothing to do with your country.
If u want to go then go but u won't force people that want nothing to do with u like SSC or Awdal, but u never answered me wtf did cigaal do for somalia that duli? one positive thing please name it, u will see your nothing but a bunch of xoolos who criticize yet forget you are even worse then those u criticize. All u contributed is division of Somalis nothing positive watsoever. It's not even an islamic practisee to divide muslims, it's a huge dembi and my proof is you will never see a muslim nation allowed to separate from another muslim nation unheard of, it's actually considered kufr.


Daludug Above all
Somalinimo doesn't exist and the evil Somaliweyne ideology needs to be criminalized. it has caused too much suffering.