"I want a Tyrone instead a Farah"

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No i dont care about pretty children but i dont want children who look NOTHING like me and my family its just a weird feeling

Dont want light skin babies or pretty babys lol

Being loyal to ur race, and having kids who look like u nothing beats that.

I don't know to laugh or feel sad at the somali women who half madoow kids.


I hope you get your butthole stretched by 4 Tyrones who just got out of prison, and they fill you up like a jelly doughnut.
since i have dated most races, i would have to say big nosed, big booty or tall slim and very dark sudanic women like mandinke, fang, wolof and others like the yoruba, puel/fulani and huasa/chadic woman are super hot.

my number 2 in my top 10 women ive dated is wolof from senegal, darker than me, and i am one dark muthafuka but the most beautiful creature in gods green earth.
by the way there is only 1 blonde and 2 endoyare in that top 10.
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