I upgraded to luxury sports car, what do you guys drive?

mr steal your naag

banu hashim and shiettt
Finally my first sports car that is luxury. It can do 0-60 in 5 seconds.

Alfa Romeo Giulia TI Q4
I got it for $27k with 16k miles and it comes with 5 years 60,000 power train warranty from that Italian manufacturer and some other warranties from dealership i bought it from.

Thing is smooth when driving. Amazing suspension. Feels like I'm floating and it is higher up on the ground when driving compared to Camry's and Honda's I owned previously.

It's pretty much the only fully loaded sports car and luxury car I can get for the price now with the chip crisis making cars expensive.

It has power seats and seats that automatically move back when I am getting out of car and sunroof, heated/cooled steering wheel and heated/cooled seats.

It has lane departure warning and pre-collission warning detection.

It has push start, and that engine off/on at traffic stop to save gas.

All in all cars with these features go for around $38k so I think I did good this time.

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I still have a bike :russ:


بىَر غىَل إيؤ عآنؤ لؤ

From right around when it was brand-new 2.5 years ago. Renault Duster, full-option 4x4 model in navy blue. Just renewed it's registration and insurance today.