I told you guys!

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He's trying to get sympathy, so he can push his gay agenda on us

Lol@ posters ITT that fall for his trick.

Lol@ those referring him as her.


His accent is not even reer woqoyi/ Somaliland and how come everybody wanted to rape him? I think he is censored with an anti- Isaaq propaganda... Please get therapy with your gender confused identity and stop coming here with some Galkacyo/ Bossaso accent to discredit Isaaq.

yasmin lan

Satans step daughter
It’s sad wallahi this is why I say we need to work with the somali community and help Condem the perpetrators and stop shaming the victims :noneck: It makes me sick to my core knowing he had to endure such vile acts may allah guide him and make it easy for him/her
Incredibly sad video. He's extremely emotionally scarred. Somalis have a culture of secrecy and hiding the problems of families. He has the right to live however he wishes without a single retort from undeserving somalis.
How was he raped as a little boy and no one helped him? He should name those bastards! They should all be hunted and beheaded.
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