I simply don't believe in Black Magic.


idiocy gives me energy
The prophet got sixir from some form of meat, so it could've technically been poisoning. It wasn't some Bluetooth/ WiFi sixir sent from across 2 continents you hear about these days.
That’s actually incorrect. He had a strand of his hair taken from his comb and was placed sixhir on. He then fell ill which Allah sent surahs 114, 114, and 112 as a cure and a reminder.


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I don't because it is majorly practiced in broke pathetic countries by people on the poverty line. If it were real, any "decent" Black magician could take out any world leader and steal their riches but of course that has not happened, they always seem to "target" people they know or are close by. This is because they can plant drugs and all types of narcotics or play with someone who has a latent mental illness.

It is all BEEN.

I suggest these slum dwellers get their lacag up and join the rest of the developed world is building sky scrappers and high tech machines.
Words of kufr be careful