I renounce my

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salafi ,it is time to go back to my old sufi roots,alshabab have caused me to doubt some parts of the religion

"ISIL forced us to witness beheadings. We have seen them throw people from the tops of buildings. We have walked through streets where corpses are left to rot and stray dogs would feed on them," said Hussein Abdo Nassief (Abu Ammar), 60, who used to live in Fallujah.


'ISIL made sure to spread terror among the civilians,' says Abu Ammar [Al Jazeera]

He added that ISIL fighters set up large screens in Fallujah's neighbourhoods to broadcast the executions.

"ISIL made sure to spread terror among the civilians. If you didn't attend the public executions, then they made sure to show them on screens. They would even copy them on compact discs and deliver them to every house in the city.

"They executed innocent people for reasons like shaving their beards or smoking a cigarette. They killed those who refused to cooperate or join them. Brave men who preached against ISIL lost their lives.
They are Cold-hearted, they have no respect for our religion, and all of that suffering our Prophet went through preaching and yet they portray Islam in a bad way. They have no respect for our Prophet and religion.
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Our Prophet SAW went through so much calamity in his Prophethood. There was a time, when the neighbors would leave garbage trails where the Prophet SAW would walk, a time where people attacked him and threw stones. But these AK wielding idiots forgot about the Sunnah and pretty much the Quran, and find it funny to treat people in a inhumane way.
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