I refrained from something, something to do with Fah..I could've made him seek sanctuary

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So apparently this Fah idiot has a mentally disturbed cousin of his here in my city.

I usually see him around ..

The reason I know that he is Fah's cousin was that kid told me that he was born in Maryland

I immediately put two and two together. I asked him if he knew Faisal that use to go to U of M. He immediately went into his phone and showed a pic of his on Twitter ..it was indeed Fah

Then after the unprovoked attack on me on somnet I ran into the mental cousin of Fah.

I chatted up with him till he gave me Fah's sister's number :diddyswag::king::ohdamn:

But I never exposed it on my blog ...

I couldn't take it to that level bro ..

But the badtard deserves extreme punishment for banning based only on some emotions


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You just told on yourself. Now Fah Jong-un will lock his sister in his basement apartment until he's ready to force her into a marriage of convenience with Hyperactive. :francis:
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