I once played basketball with grade 8 kids

Hassan mahat

I karbash wahabist salafis daily.
It was the senior year of my highschool, I went to watch this basketball game between eight graders that was happening near my local school. Unfortunately, the teams had only 4 players each, i don’t even know how this happened. Anyways, they requested me and an Indian guy to fill the spots. So I threw my winter coat and run to the court. In the beginning I was like :mjdontkno: and planned to just set up the kids to score But at the end of the first half they were down by like 38 points. In the third quarter, I started playing hard, started posting up and scored 30 in the third quarter alone. Wallahi, the parents were crying yelling “pass the ball”:damn: and I was like nah:birdman:. I was blocking those kids like :whoa:
I went off and at the end our team won by 20 points.

wallahi, I was in the zone, I felt like LeBron James in the nba finals. I was pissed I was cut from the HS basketball team And took the anger on them.

salma saluuni

For the thrill💃🏽


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@Hassan mahat explain your self, Why pigiarlize something that is even funny nor entertaining? Ceebay Tacaal, Khasaaro.:kanyehmm: