I Need To Quit Smoking


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I love my smokes. I smoke about a pack a day. It's slowly fucking me up.....but just can't stop. Tried everything, from nicotine patches to switching to vaping....Still no. I'm bloody smoking as I make this thread.

Any methods from ex-smokers?


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Im in the same position bro, the longest i went was for 1 week. The issue for me tho is that its too cheap where i am at.

If i run through a pack another ones price is nothing to me. Try taking less % nicotine packets tho. Thats what i did, now i smoke the lowest amount thats the only reason why its cheap.
Please do stop akhi. For the sake of Allaah, for your health, etc.
I know it's not easy. But giving up habits is never easy. For the first month or so it'll be the hardest, then it gets easier after that. This is a test from Allaah. As he is constantly testing his servants. May Allaah make it easy for you.


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A friend of mine was a smoker for like 10 years. Smoked about a pack a day. He slowly weaned himself off by doing a half pack a day, then a few cigs a day and then went on the flavoured e-cigs and then slowly stopped. He's been smoke free for about a year now. You can do it but not cold turkey. It'll have to be a long process. Make a plan and a goal for January 1 that you are completely done. Weaning yourself off is the most realistic plan.