i met her twice, this single mother of 5, now she has invited me to her place but I'm concerned

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This second time I ran into her I didn't even recognize her but she approached me and I looked like a fool scrambling to remember but still she and I talked and then she once again gave me her number.

I called her and we conversed. She then invites me to her house. She's down to do things from what I've sensed but there's one problem. She has a 16 year old son:ooh:

She assures me that he goes to sleep early and I should come at 11pm.

Now I think it is setup.

Here's where you folks come in...in the event that I'm compromised I'd like to give you info about her

She's around 28-34

She's a radiologist

Has 5 kids

Very fit for a Somali single mother

Halima Aden complexion

Lives on the northside

Known to pray and even fasting today ( this revealed to me that she's not leaking)

She has no English accent and I suspect she came here pretty young.


So if you guys don't hear from me for a whole day please raise the alarm. :browtf:

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