I like this car


Live it to the fullest
Just wanted to share with you guys , I had to sell the minivan on my dp to the dealership.
Somali owned dealership btw.
Kind of missed driving it , it gives me nostalgia.
Which I had its possession for almost a month.
I've been on the road for days
and it's the only four wheels that i have truly felt comfortable.

Advantages of driving this vehicle , you are not attracted by prying eyes. You are just seen as a local driver. The vehicle I drove before , the one that I borrowed was the one that got me and my friend into trouble. Ahaha my friend is still not talking to me after the incident.

The only con , it's breaks down and you have to fix the engine, so I will be replacing with a new one. Maybe a similar brand.

I don't want to drive these trending cars , like most fobs , that is next level crazy.

I always like reasonable priced vehicles.
Less eyes and good to drive.

My motorcycle is fixed so I test drive this morning , it's in good condition, I will sell that to the young Geeljires.