I Just Realized Most Islamic Countries Are Backwards

Should Islamic Nations Abandon Their Faith?

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Okay let’s go through them all one by one:

-Afghanistan: where do I even start? The country is completely in ruins

-Albania: corruption, struggling economy, etc.

-Algeria: high youth unemployment, economy completely reliant on oil and gas, not a real democracy

-Azerbaijan: not the most devout country, very secular, but could be worse tbf

-Bahrain: extremely tiny country, but still lots of human rights abuses and discrimination against Shias

-Bangladesh: very poor country, heavily overpopulated, corruption, natural disasters, etc.

-Bosnia: (although narrow majority): corrupt, poor functioning government , not somewhere you want to live

-Brunei: lucky they possess oil, but you have little freedom and are fucked if you are LGBT

-Burkina Faso: low development, lots of poverty, food insecurity, only just become a democracy

-Burma: not a Muslim country, but you know how great the Rohingya are doing

-Chad: one of the poorest and most corrupt countries in the world, mostly arid or desert

-China: or rather, Xinjiang.. well if you read the news, Muslims here are put in camps and ethnically cleansed

-Comoros: most people live below the poverty line

-Djibouti: poverty, you know the drill

-Egypt: no (religious) freedom, political unrest, economically underdeveloped and more

-Eritrea: civil war, practically no infrastructure or education or economy, dictatorship

-Gambia: lol

-Guinea: haha

-India: well you know of the tensions between the Hindus and the minority Muslim population

-Indonesia: becoming increasingly more Islamist, overpopulated, natural disasters, etc.

-Iran: a country with lots of potential held back by shahs and Islamists; no freedom

-Iraq: the country was completely destroyed by the Iraq War, things aren’t much better now

-Jordan: not the worst, but arid land & lack of natural resources haven’t helped the country.

-Kazakhstan: poor human rights situation, economy reliant on oil and minerals

-Kosovo: small and landlocked

-Kuwait: Surprised to hear they actually have some sort of democracy and are relatively free, fair enough

-Kyrgyzstan: secular, but small, mountainous, poor and landlocked

-Lebanon: secular, but still poor and corrupt. Have had to deal with millions of refugees on top of that.

-Libya: extremely unstable, high unemployment and inequality, economy completely reliant on oil

-Malaysia: big Chinese minority helped the country develop, it’s one of the best Muslim countries to live in but no religious freedom

-Maldives: small and irrelevant

-Mali: undeveloped, armed conflict going on but at least no dictatorship anymore I guess

-Mauritania: drought, bad living standards, continuous military coups

-Morocco: only partially free, demonstrations for better conditions are ignored

-Niger: you know the drill. Desert, extremely poor and one of the least developed countries in the world.

-Nigeria(50-50): poor, corrupt and overpopulated. Lots of people live below the poverty line

-Oman: not free, lucky they have oil

-Pakistan: you know it. Overpopulation, terrorism, corruption, poverty, illiteracy, conflicts with India and even more.

-Palestine: half of their land is occupied, terrorism, poverty, hopelessness, drought etc. etc.

-Qatar: dictatorship that funds Islamic terrorist groups, human rights abuses etc. etc.

-Saudi Arabia: here we go.... Totalitarian Islam, women are seen as inferior, incredible heat etc. etc.

-Senegal: I’m repeating myself. At least they are democratic I guess

-Sierra Leone: poor.. still dealing with the Ebola out break I believe

-Somalia: Tribalism, poverty, terrorism 68IQ one of the shittiest countries in the world.. shitty in virtually every single way. I'm ashamed to be associated with these people. (I wish I was Ethiopian)

-Sudan: you’ve heard of the protests. Simply not a place you want to live in.

-Syria: ... war-torn. I don’t need to say much.

-Tajikistan: ...

-Tunisia: could be worse, could be lot better still. Corruption, unemployment and inflation are still problems.

-Turkey: because of Atatürk it didn’t undergo the same fate as the rest of the Middle East, but economic problems, terrorism and refugees are still big issues along with Erdogan’s rising authoritarianism

-Turkmenistan: authoritarian dictatorship along with severe repression of human rights

-UAE: arguably the best place in the Muslim world to live in, as long as you don’t criticize the government

-Uzbekistan: still quite authoritarian and poor

-Western Sahara: poor and unrecognized state, mainly desert and sparsely populated

-Yemen: because of the war there is a crisis going on currently; some terrible things are occurring right at this moment
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"yes daddy steve I have just dissed the entire ummah on a somali forum for your enjoyment now slap my ass and call me a little *****"
I’ve noticed that almost all Muslim countries are doing relatively well in comparison to their peers except for Somalia and Yemen
Central Asian Muslim Nations - doing the best from the eastern bloc Soviet Satellite nations

South East Asian Muslim Nations - they’re wealthiest of outside of Korea Japan and China

Khaliji Arabs - Self-explanatory they’re wealthy enough to sustain their own people and they have enough stability to protect them
-Ethiopia: Famine, drought, no energy, brink of civil war, landlocked, AIDS/STDs, underdeveloped, risk of balkanization, corruption, poverty...etc.

Love how you forgot to mention this nation yet said you wish you were Ethiopian. I assume you're getting your back blown out by a habeshi, raw meat eating midget :damn:


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Alot of these "countries" are younger than our parents and are lead by dictators placed by colonizers that drew up the maps.
wa alakhirato khayran wa abqaa most have failed in this world but inshallah if we do good there is a better world, so it is what it is
Alot of these "countries" are younger than our parents and are lead by dictators placed by colonizers that drew up the maps.
shhhh how we and them ended up like this is not convenient. Its all about the present situation


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I love being muslim and even though I never lived in a muslim majority country, I really want to experience that :)
I love being muslim and even though I never lived in a muslim majority country, I really want to experience that :)
I went to Egypt and be assured that there's a lot of homos there. During salah they close up shop in order to raw dog each other. Can't get those noises out of my head :yloezpe: