I just found out that Nigerians get notoriously killed in South Africa too

“While facts and figures as to lives and property loss are not well-established, an estimated 118 Nigerians have lost their lives in recent years. Although other nationals have suffered similar fate, Nigeria appears to be worst hit.”
So they have the audacity to kill other Africans and loot their stores but won’t do anything to this who actually stole their countries and made them live in a shithole?
The whites have an alliance with Indians
Then they should attack the whites and the indians, why are they attacking their fellow Africans when the indians and whites are the ones hording all the wealth.

Something is wrong with Zulus when compared to all other Africans, they always resort to rioting against those they envy

King Khufu

Dignified Gentlemen
See this is why you got to watch the niggas you fùck with. Look Twice!

I could never fall for an organized hit,
I'm way too smart to let myself be killed by a dumb move.
I'm always more prepared than that.
#YoungRichNiggaShit #RNS100


This Being Human Is A Guest House
Search #Nigeriansmustfall on twitter. They started a whole hashtag for them.

Even we haven't made it to that level yet
They have been attacking all Africans with businesses there, they just happen to target Somalis more because we can’t blend in with the other Africans (you know physical and facial features wise) at least the Nigerian and Congolese man can blend in with the crowd and disappear.