I have a question about islam?

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In your scientific materialist world view everything is predetermined by the gazillion chemical reactions taking place among our atoms and molecules for which we have no control over unique on a individual

Therefore an objective 'truth claim' can never exist in your world view as that requires free-will but the atoms and molecules have no free-will, therefore like all scientific materialist have affirmed throughout history is that everything is predetermined, from the physicists down to the neuron scientist all in unison agreement.

Hence an objective truth claim can never exist in your belief system because that requires free-will which you don't have, thus every statement is subjective to the individual in your deterministic belief system

This is the incoherent paradox you are drowning in without even knowing. Your very fortunate you never had someone challenge these weak false convictions of yours, hence why you always run away when I catch you in these heresies.

You should reflect on your dirty origins from a lowly filthy fluid and the foods that you eat most of it fertilised using animal waste excrement or a dirty human waste compost ( if you eat organic otherwise it's chemical waste)

Both your origins and what you eat is disgusting and you want to question the creator of this universe on his infinite wisdom with your finite obtuse, brain fog riddled limited peanut sized brain ?

Where is your sense of shame or humility ? he does what he wants, how he wants it, when he wants it because he has complete authority over everything, the same way you wouldn't allow someone to question you over the things that you have limited authority over.

Allah gives this world to whoever from the Muslim/Infidels he wants but he only gives "iman" to those he loves and those he loves are those with pure sound hearts full of humility and devotion to him.

He knows everything and we know nothing, he has unlimited wisdom and perspectives in matters which we simply don't, you and I don't even know if the decisions we are making right now are good or bad for us, have some humility and shame.
According to Quantum theory more than one "truth" can exist.However once we try to measure this "truth" there is only one.
It's not that a truth claim cannot exist, on the contrary it's that they're all that do exist, naturally, bc then what reason would a population have to believe in something by faith, unless it promised to be ONLY truth of its kind? But see, we all know it's NOT the only one of it's kind, the processes of human mind can be that predictable!
There is no such thing as Truth , all truths are false from a scientific point of view.


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According to Quantum theory more than one "truth" can exist.However once we try to measure this "truth" there is only one.

There is no such thing as Truth , all truths are false from a scientific point of view.
In the Atheistic point of view is

Truth and False is a pitiful indifference.

Which atheist have to have a existential crisis which means they have to find morals and ethic to have existence.

So they base life on philosophits like Hedonism, Nihilism, Optomistic nihilism and more.
As Salaamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu all. And peace to everyone else.

Let me really make it very simple and clear without using those long and difficult words that are meant to defeat the truth and confuse the innocent.

The Soul is like the driver of the Car. The Car is the Material, call it whatever you want, chemicals, particles, atoms. At the end of the day, the body is the car and the Soul is the driver. Mind you, there is also a passenger called,"Devil," who's only objective is to steal(drinking, sinning, deception...etc) the car by fooling the driver and ultimately locking him in the trunk to take over the car in order to abuse it and crash it. But who is responsible at the end of the day? The owner of the car who was the human soul. How many times you had a friend as a passenger that desired to drive your beautiful car???

Now, a car must have a maker. And the maker must provide guidelines of how to maintain and use the car. To Muslims, this is Allah, who provided the Quran and Sunnah as guidelines on how to live this life in order to get the best of this World and the hereafter.

Now, if you deny that the body and soul does not have a maker or owner, is like saying the car does not have a maker or owner. If you do this, then, you are a criminal in the creation in the sight of the Creator! Reason? You denied the maker His rights and thus, you deserve a prison called, Hell.

Life is once, the truth is easy but doubt can destroy your future. Make a supplication to your Maker from a clean heart and you will understand the truth.

Wa Alaykumu Salaam Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu.
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