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I hate arabs therefore I changed my name

You know what, I like you a lot. Keep being successful and answer only to your new authentic name, fam.

If they had the same energy for “all foreigners” like some of them lie about being, I could at least respect that. You’re not lying. There’s a hatred for Blacks on here and an affinity for Arabs.
Thank you for your support and for making sense in this cesspool of stupidity. :)
By your logic i should have a supreme hatred for every Black person because Somali business get burned down and their owners killed by South Africans, I should hate every Habesha because of the conquest of Ogadeen by the Solomon dynasty, and I should hate every Darood because of the genocide of Isaaq citizens in 1988.

Yet i don't, because I know that the actions of a few does not represent the majority. One spoiled apple does not destroy the entire bunch. Your hatred of Arabs is based on the actions of a few horrible people, they don't represent a ethnic that is 300+ million strong. Let go of your hatred for them, it's ridiculous.
“Bu-bu-bu-but Arabs tortured Somalis” why didn’t you respond to this @stdio.h


I ❤️ Islam & Aabo Kush. Anti-BBB Anti-Inbred
Arab haters who are Pro Black
and Black haters who are Pro Arab
and Somalis who hate Arabs and Blacks

All of them hate me

because I am Soomaal aka Afro-Arab kkkkkkkkkk
I don't have a qabil since I don't believe in tribalism.

Only an idiot in 2020 would still believe in this idiocy responsible for the miserable state Somalia is currently in.

I understand this website is an echo chamber for people having very sympathetic and worthy of a slave views towards arabs.

As for my mother she was very supportive of my decision and even helped me pick up an authentic and original name.

Last but not least there is an unjustified amount of hate towards black people in here which is funny since you all are black as well.

I rest my case, some people have had their mind colonized and their anal cavity repeatedly perforated to oblivion by arabs and thoroughly enjoyed it. Keep worshipping the arabs, meanwhile I'm making 6 figures as a dev :)

Never knew rejecting an arabic name for an authentic Somali name could hurt the feelings of so many :/
No you do have a qabiil. You can not be Somali without belonging to a clan. Identifying by your qabiil is not "tribalism" they are your people, they are your blood kin.

Worthy of slave views on Arabs? We simply told you that the actions of a few does not represent the majority. Not all Arabs are like the people shown in the two videos you linked.

I heavily doubt your mother supporting you changing your name. That's a huge sign of disrespect to both your parents and your family for you to do that. They picked your origin name for a reason, arab hatred should not cloud your very identity!

Hatred on blacks. Yes there is as you hate the arabs. Both are wrong and unjust as we are all equal.

Resorting to name calling again? Mind you i have a native last name and my nickname is a native Somali name as well. We do not care about your name being arab or Somali in origin, we care that you changed your original name in favour of a somali name over hatred of arabs. Like i stated in my other posts, it's ridiculous and at this point with your name calling pretty sad.
I no longer go by the arabic name that's been given to me at birth.

I thoroughly hate & despise this group of "people" composed exclusively of moronic, good for nothing scum who consider us beneath them, therefore, I decided to change my name for an authentic Somali one.

I encourage you all to do the same.

As for the Somalis who still believe in the concept that is the "Muslim Ummah" and grant arabs respect, not only are you sheep but also the reason for why Somalia is losing its identity.

Last but no least, I'd like to point out that this name change has been beneficial in my software engineer job research as I've already had my resume picked up in places where I've previously had my applications rejected and now have a job offer :).

Thank you for your time & if you still feel some type of way about arabs, please have a look at the torture your brothers & sisters go through in north africa as well as the middle east :

Somalians have a distinct look sxb ( hairline etc)you ain't fooling no one if you call yourself john


Thank you for your support and for making sense in this cesspool of stupidity. :)
I guarantee you they wouldn’t wax this lyrical for Bantus if Somalis named their kids Django, and you’d changed it.
You're acting like arabs are shaydan om earth. Arabs don't give a shit about you, in fact, most are even taught in school that Somalia is a fellow Arab country (Arab league.) I'm getting tired of the arab hatred online. Actually step foot into their countries before you talk shit about 300+ million people on forum's, you just look like a complete fool. Especially with you changing the name your parents gave you.
Can you imagine this post written for Bantus on this site lol. We have an affinity/love affair with Arabs, plain and simple.


الوحدة الإسلامية‎
So you hate Arabs just because of what Individuals do? You have a lot of inferiority complex.

The_Kong Dong

Somalia First!
Arabs are disgusting inhumane untermensch.
They jailed my habaryar who has a very bad diabetes condition. They refused to take her meds.
Let's play a game. I will respond the way a self-hating Arab wannabe would respond.

"MAyBe tHey wERe trying to HelP hEr and she reFusEd. DuMb zoOmAl1. HAtIng aRabs iS HaRAM yoU iDIOt"

Macalin M

Ain’t stopping till we chilling at the top
They may be bad people but I’m named after one of the sahabas who was a good person. No need to change my name.

Samaalic Era

What are you talking about:draketf:
Somalis living in Arab nations face racism from civilians, Law enforcement, Educators and business owners. Almost everyone does it, It's not just a few bad apples problem.

Also there are virtually no consequences to having a clear racial bias in Arab nations. Being racist is perfectly legal, In fact it's encouraged culturally.
In Saudi Arabia, if you get into an altercation with a local and they report you, the police will beat them and then deport them. This madness doesnt happen in Iran and other countries. Arabs are xoolo by nature
So you hate Arabs just because of what Individuals do? You have a lot of inferiority complex.
You're the archetype of the Somali arab dickrider, a sad and pathetic joke with a miserable excuse of a life.

Please do not reproduce, your kind must be napalmed.
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