i gotta drive a U-Haul tomorrow


Anything for master yb from slave #638 💚💚💚💯💯
I'm getting sturdy on this moving truck


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How was turning like? that’s what I’m most worried about

Turning is fine but slow down considerably as you're turning, like half the speed of regular turning and give more space as you're turning. Turn really slow. Don't stress. Drive under the speed limit too and make sure any bigger stuff you're transporting goes inside first. Look at the side mirrors more often than normal since you don't have rear view. Before you drive, make sure the side mirrors are adjusted properly for your vision. You may forget to do this since you're stressed out. Do these things and you'll be fine.


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It's actually pretty easy and fun, don't over think it just drive and be mindful that you are driving a big car :)

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I'm a good driver but I've never driven a '20ft truck (b/c I'm not a fob), but how hard will it be to drive it.

Pay careful attention to the road. Don’t touch your phone. Little distraction and that freakin truck can get out of control.

Don’t worry though. You’ll love it. You gonna come to love it. I did.