I found a story of an Somali sailor’s shooting a man over money on this forum that EXACTLY like my grandpa


Taxation is theft
The story kinda freaked both me and my mum. The differences are 1. This happened to at his job. 2. The maadow that owed my grandpa that beaten him up in front of all these co-workers( He was very skinny ) 3. He didn’t get deported. The story:
This an account of even of Somali sailors in England.
Boarding house keepers had a lot of power, they would be de facto guardians to men new to the country, they were their post office, bank and social centre.

In Cardiff in 1951, one boarding house keeper, Sheir, was accused by Somali sailor, Khaireh, of not returning £200 he had left with him for safe keeping. As Sheir played dice in the street, Khaireh approached him from behind and shot him three times, killing him.

Despite saying he killed in self-defence Khaireh was convicted. He was found 'insane' and sent to Broadmoor rather than the gallows, before deportation to Somaliland the next year.

Sheir has been first secretary of the Peel Street Mosque and it was first thought that the killing had a political/religious motivation. The mosque was split into 2 factions, one more Sufi and one more hardline, & at one fractious meeting the police had had to intervene.


Taxation is theft
@Garen My dad said that killed for honor, but my maadow side that he was crazy. He’s lucky he got away with insanity because he’s shot maadows and po’ whites for being on his property. Despite all those anti-gun laws in Chicago, he had LOTS of guns


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