I feel objectified

Wallahi you guys think I'm joking but around White people I feel objectified most of the time. The way they stare at me etc. At work or at uni.

I even once had this White girl at uni in my group look at my pants non stop. Also with White girls I always get this vibe that they think I want to get in their pants. It's so weird.

And even some Arabs or Turks I hang out with sometimes joke about my genitals and how big it is. Wallahi even when I went out with many Egyptians and we were doing Shisha. One suddenly randomly said Cali he must have big *****. WTF. I laugh it off, but it's weird. Fruity Egyptians.

Or the envious remarks about my skin I get that a lot too. These people really feel intimidated and envious of my skin. Most of them feel insecure because they mindfcked themselves that all girls secretly want a African man. I feel bad for them wallahi.

I have had many of these things happen to me.

That's why I thank الحمدالله Allah swt for the way I'm made. And remember if one gives you a compliment and doesn't say mashallah. Seek shelter from their evil eye.

What about you guys.
When I was in my peak fitnes 2 year ago, girls would grab my bum. That's when I started cat calling.