I CALLED IT: a xaliimo owner of a Shisha spot in London opens a new one in Mogadishu. Not even discreetly. We probably b in the news of its demise

Why is Somalia full of extremists ffs, they can’t let anyone live in peace. Why is chaad not banned but this should be. Nice place for the youth to socialise with friends and have fun. Milkshake Iyo hookah iyo dessert
I wouldn't blame them either for trying to blow it up. Mogadishu isn't London, it's the capital of a 99.9 percent Muslim country. She is trying to bring that liberal filth into Somalia.

We all know what's goes on in shisha bars.
I swear shisha is an Arab thing or are you talking about the mixed ones with music blaring all I know is that Somali shisha spots in london tend to be hood as hell and which one does she own in london


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Let Them Eat Cake
It’s called Sahra lounge


The rebels are probably salivating

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I wish no harm on anyone but I do not understand low IQ moves.

4 years ago her regular restaurant was decimated by a Qarax.

she’s hell bend on boarding the bus

Hell bent loooooooooooooooooooooooooooool
Arsenal won’t target the place if she pays her taxes on time. Heck yeah even their Hashish Farms in lower Shabelle were burnt by Danab. shisha shop in Mogadishu wont hurt if they receive their extortion money :yousmart:


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Not the first one nor will be the last one.

Shisha Addiciton becoming bigger in Somalia

For safety reasons the government should prevent clubs from opening because even hotels are blowing up they won’t hesitate to send these kids to aakhira.


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