I became something I feared most

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I will forever be a eurotrash.:(

I thought America would welcome me with open arms but alas, it was not meant to be. f*ck Europe and its shitty weather and languages.

You Americans don't know how easy you got it. I started eating pork preparing to be American but shit. I ate pork for nothing?



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Mainland Europe is recovering fast from the crisis, it's UK that's absolutely qashin. Social mobility in Europe is much higher than that of America. Don't move, hang on.
I've been to Sweden once, the cold weather and the marathons you need to do to get places without a car is totally my style. I laughed so hard knowing there were Somalis in fucking Sweden who didn't speak a lick of the language after how may years, seriously no different than the U.S. I'd love to live there. Free healthcare and all.
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