I am slightly disappointed at History....

Discussion in 'General' started by Basra, Oct 11, 2018.

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    Jan 29, 2018
    or maybe i should be disappointed at William Pitt, the younger. Britain Minister from 1784-1792 1804 -1806

    Brilliant man. A genius, born and bred. I was obsessed with him since i was 13. I read a letter about him, where i fell in love with 18th century stuff of England. In the letter, this woman was gossiping about William Pitts single status and availability. Then, in those days of NO Wikipedia or Internet, i researched about him, and read his parliament speeches. It was amazing. Full of Luster. Luminous. Brilliant. But i read countless of Biographies & i don't get a sense of the man. Zero. Unlike 18th century aristocratic celebrities, he never wrote alot of letters. And being a man, he never wrote diaries. So i am left with mystery & frustration. Disappointments. He was once about to marry this lucky woman named Miss Eden, but something happened, and guess what? No one knows. There is a letter of Miss Eden's father, practically begging Pitt to marry his daughter. Then, there is Pitts formal letter explaining his behavior, that does not please my gossip loving appetite. SO, i guess i am left disappointed at history. At Mr. Pitt, the younger. Seriously. Any suggestion to relieve me of this grave disappointment???

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