I am DMing a scammer


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So I saw this popular Twitter thread in which this person DMed a scammer and I decided to DM that same scammer to see if they’re dumb enough to fall for trolling.

I present the conversation at the moment as it’s still ongoing.

I’ll attach his responses in the thread and let me know what I should tell him.

I was figuring that since SSpot has legendary trolls, if we put our heads together, we could pull off a masterclass.

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Wallahi this is a great idea, when he responds to you tell him you are willing to do anything for money and let’s see where he takes it from there.


Nigerians used to have the stereotype of the nation of internet scammers.

But truly it is mostly Pajeets in India and Slavs from places like Russia, Ukraine, and Moldova doing all the internet scams.

I am surprised internet scammery hasn't taken off in Somalia since the lack of governmental regulations.