I admit I don't give Somalis enough credit

Lol this post actually demonstrates someone else's low IQ.
Obviously, belief has nothing to do with IQ.
As a matter of fact, scholars of Islam have much more knowledge than the average Joe.
How intelligent can you be if you are constantly attacking other people's intelligence levels. Seems like someone has some issues to work out :cosbyhmm:


I know some intelligent muslims and unintelligent atheists. Religious orientation and intelligence are mutually exclusive. An idea might seem more credible to another individual than it does to you, whilst you are seen as equals intelligence wise. The whole idea of intelligence is subjective, depends on what lens you look through. @PiratePrincess . Im an atheist but I'm dumb affff. You are still young, so you have a lot to learn, oh young one. :trumpsmirk:
I often find myself looking down on Somalis, I tend to see the bad things they do more often than good(to be fair they do more bad than good so that's justified, no offense).

I used to think of Somalis as low IQ people who had no hope left. That is before I realized just how many Somali agnostics/atheists there are. Somali people are more intelligent than I gave them credit for for producing so many nonbelievers. So many people who were able to escape the indoctrination. Hopefully this gaalnimo trend continues. Each generation less religious than the last. The atheism/agnostic numbers are much much higher than I ever thought possible, only after searching for these people did I realize how large our numbers actually are.
I give credit where credit is due.

Edit: don't get your balls in a twist, we're raising the overall IQ of Somalis after all.
The mind of a lander yall :mjlol:
Now I understand why they are called Qaldaan :mjkkk:


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