Hypocrisy at its finest from Somalia FM


Engineer of Qandala
Why wouldn't his son finish Uni before going back:gucciwhat:

No one is asking anyone back who doesn't have useful skills that reverse the brain drain like he mentioned in the video:browtf:
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You expected something here didn't you?!?!?
You do know that he wants the educated Somali diaspora to return home and help it rebuild?? People who are currently in University cannot do anything for the country, apart from send home some of their part-time salary. Also, what university in Somalia can deliver an education at the same level as any western uni?? The weight of saying you graduated from a western uni in Somali, or anywhere in the 3rd world, is extremly heavy, and if you have experience... all the more. To put it simply, he wants his son to get the best education he can, which is in the US and then have him return.