Huge explosion heard in Mogadishu


Bisinka! Reer muqdisho 😢 failmaggio you have failed us once again.

2 qaraxs in a single day, one around 11:45am and another around 10 minutes ago :jcoleno: second one was definitely the biggest one I've heard since zoobe. Failed nation full of qasaaro


Forza Somalia!
I'm not in farmaajo's side but the guy is not to be blamed here dude, the explorations were always there.


aun to the somalis. At least it aint a hole in the wall restaurant with only civs like the last few times.

3 amsiom and as guy driving the car dead thats it
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i think you cant adress this without talking about the radical wahhabists and the ulema who takfir everyone who does something tiny.

these AS think the people running the country are gaalo even when they pray 5 times a day and fast ramadan, and somebody has convinced them of this
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