How would you handle this situation?

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Imagine having a private conversation with your friends , filthy or not but then a white person comes over and butts in

It's completely none of their business but they refuse to leave you alone and they basically want to chase you out of the store , when you are innocently just buying clothes

This shit just seems so wild to me

I'm so glad I never meet people like her because I would rip into her soul , thinks she can chat to me when she doesn't even know me, let alone chat shit

ANDDD when you listen to the convo you can clearly see she was wrong and misheard what they said but even if they stood in the store talking all kinds of nonsense it's still not her business da fuk, it's a private convo

White people are expert victimisers , at the end she tried to turn it into "omg they are insulting me" WHY THEY f*ck ARE BOTHERING THEM

:faysalwtf: ffs white privilege is something else , coz we all know they can't shout at her because they would be just be labelled as angry black women picking on the innocent white chick
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