How woke are you?

I remember in my campus there was this guy who spoke so well and sounded very intelligent until he was preaching flat earth theory to me.

For example, this moron who claims to be woke believes black people can't racist but when you watch this video you would assume he's very smart but all this sophistry is not as intelligent as you think it is but because he speaks like a pastor people will eat that shit up. The reality is confidence will get you a long way. His ridiculous argument is because black people don't have an institutional power therefore they cannot be racist. What?

There are smart people who believe earth is flat and that is because they don't understand the science behind the fact. Plenty of videos are available to show the curvature of earth's horizon. And in the age of high speed travel, people could easily travel from corner of the earth to see for themselves that you come back to where you started from doing 360 degree round trip if you travel straight..

Someone can be smart in some areas and be misguided due to their ignorance on the issues they differ with science and common sense.

I feel the same disbelief about smart people who remain christian. Makes zero intellectual sense to espouse trinity. Yet you have people running countries and being trusted with everything whilst they hold such silly beliefs.


The Garen is the emperor of the cult astrai nights woke capitalist 1000%
The Garen's cult has core tentants that are
having white genes is supreme
working out no wailord' s in my temple of worship
being 6+ midgets are the creation of the devil
education The Garen doesn't allow filthy dumb peasants into his cult
ass such u must have memorized my self written auto bigraphy the life of The Garen or watched the movie adaptation
only refer to urself in the 3rd person why 1 person is gay 2 is dumb and 3rd is supreme
lastly The Garen promotes traditional family values ie having 8+ wifes and at least 50 kids so that once they reach the age 12 they are forced to join my army go out to the world and carve out a dominion in my name
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