How to stop stuttering


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In presentations I start to stutter , due to my social anxiety I developed 6 years ago, how can I overcome this ?
Give me strategies that have worked for you.

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1. Present in front of the mirror to see how you look .

2. Speak slower for more clarity. I had a habit where I subconsciously raced through the presentation. This embarrassingly led to me having to repeat myself often.

3. Join the debate team if possible or volunteer to teach underprivileged kids.

4. Attend public speaking workshops. You can find them on Eventbrite.

5. Speech therapy / elocution lessons. Use this as a last resort as it can be costly and other methods may help you improve.

Good luck !
You might be tongue tied
To test if you are tongue tied open your mouth as wide as you could if you can’t reach the spot behind your front teeth than you are tongue tied
There was kid who had could not formulate sentence and doctors were saying he has neurological disease but simple tongue tie release surgery solved
Practice talking infront of people, like family or friends. That’s the only way to cure your anxiety. You will feel horrible in the beginning but after a while of practicing you will get used to the pressure of talking infront of a crowd.
Social anxiety is fake and something you created. You should remember no one is listening to you when you do presentations which will make the anxiety go away. They are using their mobile or they are daydreaming about something. Not even the macalin is listening.
Anxiety makes the muscles in the tongue stiff so if your tongue was not flexible enough it won’t be able to touch positions in your mouth to make speech and then your brain would get confused and you get stuck or blocked speech
Stuttering is not caused by anxiety


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