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are you always salty that your threads don't make it past mere 2 pages?
well look no further here is my guide on how to make a fffire thread if you follow these simple steps I guarantee you 100% it will work.

before we get on with it you need to keep in mind there are certain topics that will attract much more audience than the others, which is to be expected tbh So here we go;

>Bantu topics: this is like the mother of all banger's guaranteed to work 100% if not you get your money back. one trick that you need to keep in mind when creating a topic with such magnitude is to tag my nikka @Jubba_Man.
>Somali men/women: start degrading either one of them and boom there you have your :z1banet:. Reminder; you may get a lot of hate for it so do it at your own risk.
>Somali sisters who marry out: such threads are double edged's full of banter, getting triggered, cringy and L cabinet fillers. your cabinet will be filled with so much L's that you will start hating life and not logon onto the forums for weeks.
>appreciating women of other ethnicity: this is self explanatory tbh .
>anything related gays/bi/transgender: akhas ikr but we want that hit thread right? don't forget to @AbdiJohnson.
>tuulo wars: any tuulo will do but the one you need to focus on is Burco. east side for life LOL
>qabill threads: you might wonder why state the obvious? well I have top tips on how to make them go past that 10 page you always dreamed of. you have to tag certain individuals in your qabil bashing threads...that's it...mind blown huh? @waraabe for sland/isaaq, make sure you keep reminding him about certain facts to keep him triggered through out.
@Freebandz talk shit about dhulos and you there you have it....
@Canuck this right here.....whoa omg I am trembling with excitement as I type this, make sure to mention waraabes name once in a while and it's the gift that keeps on giving. also if waraabe acts just @ her and watch her clown the crap out of him.

and for everything else...from anime to extreme shit @ghost he doesn't know when to quit and seems to be an expert at clowning nikkas.

these are the laying foundation of :z1banet: threads. feel free to add more if you think I have missed out some.
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