How to get women to like you

Women want men with money or the ones with promise of making it. In this materialistic world it is the greatest aphrodisiac
for the ladies. So guys you have to project an image of success or impending success. You have to wear this image it has to be your constant attire.
Women are in constant observation of the opposite sex since its their business to chaf out the men from the boys so as to ensnare them.
Use that observation to your advantage. Be in constant mode of self awareness and use this awareness to respond to their percieved appraisal
The signs they look for in a successful or potential man are, laidback but engaged personality it connotes some form of control ore self assuredness.
Lack of hurriedness is another big turn on for them it kinda implies some form of stability economic or otherwise. I could go on and on but in a
nutshell this are some kind of the telltale signs that they are in the lookout for when on the prey
How about just being yourself?

I've realised there is nothing better in life than being congruent.
Right in an ideal world nothing beats that but note am talking about the material world that we live in.
In this world perception is the name of the game


I dont recall
If you aint got an 8 incher, yougotta get some money.
Even if you do, you still gotta get some money.

Having your shit together makes you feel better and if you feel better, you do better.

Dont date until you can get some money. That way, you dont have to try as hard to make a woman fuck with you.

But then again, it's more to attraction than just getting money. You gotta work hard on finding your sauce and cultivating that manhood.
Every player got their own formula based off their true character. That's why I dont advice anyone to copy a niggas flow from top to toe

It's just sad when you worked this hard for your coins and you're still a ***** nigga.

Learn how to fight and learn to communicate. Learn how to be happy by yourself and be comfortable in your own skin.

It sounds simple but it takes years rewiring into that psychology.
Be humble in your position but be confident in your journey
I’m not finna cap to you bro, you sound like you’re lacking in the looks department. It’s 2020, the value of pussy has depreciated significantly. You can be balls deep in a new pussy every night and not have a dollar to your name. You just have to be smooth with that mouth piece.
Here's some advice never look to please anyone but yourself and you should never seek validation from others.