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How to get over your baggage

No such thing as baggage if you're a guy unless you're talking about kids from a baby momma.

If a girl has any emotional baggage from an ex, drop her instantly, she will never get over him or she will use you to heal and dump you too.
Sorry saxib you can't. You just get jaded and guarded after each successive relationship.
If it's no halal, drop it and find nice, sweet hijabi asap wallahi, the alternative just slowly chips away at your soul lol
Not if you've been through the wringer with alexandra, becky, bathy, denise etc
Wallahi, you'll mentally run rings around any young hijabi after those countless battles saxib, emotionally I'm grizzled Navy Seal vets at this point
You’re right emotional relationships harden your heart but at the same time blacken it and make you more jaded

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