How to deal with a Somali girl with an attitude

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In America, we have a "customer is always right" and "customer first" policy. The waitresses always thank me, whenever I make a order, and they thank me again when I'm done eating, they also thank me when they refill my drinks, if they dont thank me I usually report the problem to the manager, plus they won't get my 2$tip.

God bless America

Lol way to make us seem like we are arrogant airheads. Just to make it clear I don't expect a thank you, even a smile and pleasant look is enough.
It's not about being arrogant, there's a level of respect the customers deserve, after all its the customers that pay, if u can't thank me for my generosity, I'll just take my money somewhere else.
If you're rude she'll spit in your drink when you least expect it. Best thing you can do is not show any anger/frustration. Maybe she's jealous of you :cosbyhmm:


@TheShinning do the very dhiinjaroos xaliimo Huruuf and she will know her place:ftw9nwa:
Hate to break it down to you but she is either annoyed by ur presence there or she just isn't into you so she has the urge to show it to you, and to make matters worse you seem to like her, cos you
Mentioned her to complete strangers.

If she's cute, fuk it, ask her out and see you're luck if she ugly then bun her and matter fact report her.

:damedamn:Fair enough?
Why do some Somali females feel the need to give other women the stink eye? This witch that works at Starbucks is always giving me this nasty look, and she never once said thank you when she hands me my coffee, I seen her say it to cadaan people in front of me so it's definitely something against me. I feel like I should report her? But then again I don't want to cause her any problems. I get my coffee from there every morning and ever since she was hired, I been subject to her nasty attitude.

What to do people of SSpot?
1. Go to a different Starbucks?(this is located in my work building so its convenient for me)
2. Give her a dose of my own stink eye
3. Report her to the manager, she should be dealt with
4. Get over it you whinny baby, she doesn't owe you a smile and a thank you
ive seen men who're nice to the cadaans madows and other ajnabis but are really mean to me and give me attitude, they're ajnabi worshipping self haters


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I've experienced that also, it's always the big jilbaab wearing women, they give me attitude and I always ask them wtf their problem is.

Last year I was minding my own business, I was grabbing something from target and this blue whale jilbaab wearing woman gave me attitude for no reason, I wasn't having a good day to begin with, so I asked her wtf is your problem nayaa? Fix your face when you're looking at me, she started cursing me out in Somali, I cursed her back. A little voice whispered in my head, mantaa wey kudhamatay Naa hooy she's going to sit on you. Thank God she backed down. But I held my ground.

Ask her if she knows you, if she's say no then ask her wtf her problem is.
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