how to be less socially awkward?

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Any tips ? I'm severely introverted so holding a convo irl isn't one of my specialties. It usually gets awkward after 'how are you':farmajoyaab:

You need to look at this from a positive perspective, excessive talk is looked down upon religiously and it's usually the trait of an ignorant person, in fact the wiser a person is the less they talk, 'shyness' which you misinterpret as 'awkward' is part of modesty, count your blessings dude.

I used to be extremely extroverted when I was young as well as very stupid and dumb at the same time, putting myself into all kinds of problems as a result which caused me a lot of stress! but as I grew older and older I have become more and more introverted preferring solitude.

The person whom talks the least is the one really in control of the interaction and the one whom talks the most is the weakest one seeking validation, hence you see this in action at interviews, when meeting your boss or at a court room, in business we have the saying "the more you talk, the more the chances are that you are talking yourself out of a deal"

They did studies that proved that 93% of communication is non-verbal, if your in a social work place stick to asking simple probing question that will let the person talk themselves into the ground, the same if your going on dates with women, keep that fucking mouth shut as much as you can and ask probing questions based on what she said, the element of mystery will drive her nuts, below are some e.g. probing questions.

Could you tell me more about this ?

What exactly do you mean by that?

Why did you say that?

What were you thinking when you said that?

Explain this, I don't get it!

Tell me more about it.
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She don't know bout it. Let me introduce it to her IMG_6224.PNG
I used to be like that when I was younger, still am a little bit. Working helped a whole lot, you have no choice but to communicate. So just hang in there, you'll probably grow out of it. In the meantime, try throwing yourself in the deep end every once in a while, talk to people that visit the house, friends, classmates. It'll become less painless and more interesting with time.


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one tip is to get out of your head and rather try to get in, in the other persons head
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