How to be a good husband to a Halimo? Steps,Tips and Warnings


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There are WikiHow articles that tell how to sweep a girl off her feet, or how to flirt, or what-not, but there are none that explain how to be a good husband. This is an important skill to learn, as it will possibly make both you, and your wife happier.

The list is NOT meant as a rulebook but as a general guideline , I also divided this thread into three parts, the first part is the 15 steps to make both of you and your Halimo lives a blesssed, and wonderfull ride, second part is 10 tips to maintain the marriage and also last but not the least top 12 things to not do.

Note: I know that most, if not all, of these tips, warnings, etc should be commonly known by all guys (and in some cases even girls), but unfortunately there are many young men on this forum with no experience and even 5 times divorcee @Grigori Rasputin would realize why his marriage don't last, and also my new guidelines for my next wife,anyway I thought why not throw my good advice out there and hope this will lower the high divorce rate and single motherhood in our community.

Ignoring some this or tending to forget one or more item on this list will screw everything up, you will most likely will join my single father club, but hey, nobody is perfect, and nobody can make you perfect but only Allah.

.Understand that every girl is different. This is not a "one-size-fits-all" guide. This does however, give a good starting point for any relationship.

2.Let her know that you care for her by being interested in her. Stick to your own thing, but do acknowledge things she likes to do.

3.Be honest. Being honest to your wife is very important, in a mature relationship, honesty is the best policy. Tell the truth even when it hurts! It may be difficult, but the truth will allow relationships to breathe. No matter what happens, no one can ever challenge the fact that you are truthful, which might mean that the other person also gives you the same respect. If something doesn't suit her let her know, otherwise she will not trust your opinion. But make it sound like a compliment. Suggest an alternative. For example, if she asks you if you like a dress she is trying on (trying on, not already wearing at the mall!) let her know that you think the blue one suits her colouring better, or is more flattering.

4.Remember that Halimos are often led to be much more emotionally oriented than Farahs, However, remember that unless your mate suffers from physical ailments that affect her mood, the mood swings that appear to be random for you, may very well have very significant reasons that you're just unaware of. After all, your partner is an entire person, with a lifetime of experiences, associations and memories, and not just an empty vessel to play with. Your wife could also be having her period - remember that also this causes mood swings.

5.Don't brush her off. People often find it exasperating when they get the feeling their partner treats them as an inferior in a relationship. Women are no exception. A lot of women have been taught that the only way to get attention when their partner is trying to ignore them is to act more emotional and be louder until the partner finally surrenders and pays attention to her, even if in annoyance. If people feel they're being given the cold treatment by people who are supposed to be important to them, they get worried. Especially as it distinguishes them from you without giving an explanation for why this disturbance has occurred. People aren't mind readers, your wife is not likely to be able to guess that you're cranky just because she wouldn't let you do something that she felt was very trivial, while as you found it important.

6.Communicate. Do not talk her ear off, however make sure that if you have any problems that will affect your mood, she is made aware of the reasons for your problems and mood, so that you do not appear to merely be a fickle and cranky creature. Make her feel like she is the only girl on your mind. Just zone out everything around you when you're talking to her, she will feel like she is the center of your universe. If you ask her a question, ask her because you really want to know. For example, ask her what types of movies she enjoys, or about one of her favourites. If you know it, talk about it a little bit in an honest way, what you thought of it, and make a guess at why she might have liked it. Even if you are wrong, a girl will love the fact that you are interested enough to try.

Give gifts at unexpected times. Anyone can buy a gift for a birthday, marriage anniversary or on Eid. Listen to her when you are out window shopping, and if there is something she likes, and it's within your price range, remember it and surprise her with it in a week. For no reason at all. Or pick something up on your way home from work, and tell her you were thinking of her when you saw it. It doesn't have to be big or expensive, a book you know she will like, or a CD of her favourite band are ideal gifts.

8.Be accommodating. If there is something she likes to do, but you don't really like it, do it anyway, and don't complain. You will probably find that you enjoy doing the activity because you're with her. Most guys are unaware, but most women love guys with manners. Hold the door for her, pull out her seat, and offer to pay everytime.

9.Try doing something unexpected. Go to a new restaurant, try a new lake/Zoo or go to a new part of town. Even if you both end up hating it, it's an experience you can share and that's what it's all about isn't it? Creating memories together. Surprise her by doing something offbeat-- think less maudlin and more personal. This includes anything from racing her to your walking destination, dancing with her without music or encouraging her to twerk and give you a stripper lap dance.

You two should grow to be comfortable with each other, and doing things together without self-consciousness. Ideally, she should never feel stupid around you for wanting or doing a particular thing.

10.Compliment her sincerely. Find something particular and compliment her on it, but mean it. Don't just say, "you look nice". Say " that blue dress really makes me start a fire in my pants", "your hair cut really suits the shape of your face" " that perfume makes me want to kiss your neck" ...and then kiss her neck!

11.Don't whine in excess. This applies both to you and your girl. Whine, and then either try to do something about it, and ask her if she has any productive ideas that may help you, or stop whining completely.

12.Tease her. Teasing builds tension which drives girls crazy - for you! Some girls (and guys) find teasing unpleasant. Be sure you know which your wife likes before teasing her.

13.Don't forget: it's better to give than to receive. The major religions got this right, and for a good reason: mysteriously, you gain more in the long run by giving than by getting. While love isn't all you need, it's the most important thing.

14.When she is mad at you..kiss her out of nowhere and turn that hate into an organism.

15.Be a gentleman. Even the stuff that seems silly can make a great impression. Hold doors, pull out chairs, and generally treat her like a princess. No matter what MTV tells you girls want, remember their heart will always go to the gentleman.


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The Tips

Playing hard to get doesn't work for most guys. Tell the girl you love that you do and keep reminding her.

2.All girls have that time of the month. Be as supportive as you can because your girl might be grumpy and/or in pain but she wants your love and you have to be there for her. Nonetheless, do not explicitly mention the time of the month to her-a girl hardly enjoys knowing that the world can tell.

3.If she is agitated, be nice to her, and don't get ticked off. Remember, she is not actually mad at you, or annoyed at you. She is just going through a hard time. Just let it roll off of you, like water off a duck.

4.Keep in mind: the road will be difficult. As in any healthy relationship, you will have your share of conflicts, some tiny, some big. Remember to be true to yourself, and try to abandon any significant selfishness. A relationship is a matter of team work.

.Make sure you're clean and looking good...girls will notice if you put some thought into your appearance.

6.If she asks, "Does this make me look fat," and it is not flattering to her, say: "I don't think it is as flattering to your beautiful body as ___" and suggest an alternative.

7.Treat her like you normally do around your friends or else she will feel like you're embarrassed of her as your wife
8.Cook her a delicious meal. Any man can pay cash for a dinner at a fancy restaurant but it takes a special man to cook a homemade meal from the heart to his sweetheart.

9.Remember, friends and family can be a strong influence on someone's decisions, so make sure you are honest, open and interested in them and don't criticize or make fun of them! It's the quickest way to lose someone.

10.If you travel, stay in touch with her so she knows you haven't forgotten her.


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The warnings

.Never cheat. It remains perfectly understandable that you'll have wandering eyes, but realize where your heart is and stick to that. One time will be enough to convince a girl to dump you.

2.Never hit a girl. Violence is unconditionally unjustified. You can hit them teasingly... Girls DO NOT like to be babied all the time and never be touched.

3.Never over-do something. Switch things around a lot and you'll keep the excitement that builds a good relationship, though don't be too inconsistent.

4.Give her space. She has friends, too, and doesn't want to be smothered.

5.Try not to give her reasons to be jealous. Understand how your actions might look to her.

6.Do not push her to do anything physical she never did before with you.She will let you know when she is ready to do it.

7.there are times your wife don't feel like serving in bed, Don't demand it if she is not into it just Ask her "can you help me out tonight ?" is all it takes to make the difference between being the best husband in the world and doing something you both will regret.

8.Never hold her family's actions against her. No one can help what their family does or says. You can share with her that it bothers you what someone might have done or said but leave it alone after that.

9.Try your hardest to do your part of forgive and forget and let it be. No one likes to be reminded of their mistakes.

10.Never forget her birthday or other events she will remember. Saying "Happy birthday" does not cut it even if she don't celebrate birthdays; girls expect gifts for every holiday. If you do not get her something she will remember and think you're cheap! Late is better than never.

11.Go her way but girls don't like guys who apologizes and asks suggestions from her all the time. Sometimes it's just Ok lead the way.

12.Don't embarrass her. Most girls, especially if they are teenagers and early twenties, get embarrassed if you talk about panties, bras, and things like that. Remember, those sorts of things may be attractive to you, but to her they may be something she doesn't want to talk about.

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It’s one thing to go by a handbook on what to do and how to go about it in a marriage.


Everyone got a different circumstances

Btw you left out a major variance to take into consideration

That is..1 in 3 Somali is mentally illl


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Did u write this? I hope you find what you’re looking for Insha’Allah. You’re hella persistent, that’s for sure.

I wrote this in an hour,is this sticky worth?:feedme: I originally wrote this a week ago but never got to it, my next wife will be in good hands until i i mess up again.:mjlaugh:


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Damn, we gotta find you a xaliimo fam. This threads are getting outta hand sxb. Which xalimo making you this restless?


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Damn, we gotta find you a xaliimo fam. This threads are getting outta hand sxb. Which xalimo making you this restless?

There is no single Halimo 500 radius of me and importing one from another state is not worth the trouble,might as well go to Bari and find a buuq l'aan and submissive one there.:mjcry:
Damn, we gotta find you a xaliimo fam. This threads are getting outta hand sxb. Which xalimo making you this restless?

It’s cuffing season.
There is no single Halimo 500 radius of me and importing one from another state is not worth the trouble,might as well go to Bari and find a buuq l'aan and submissive one there.:mjcry:
Paradox of choice aya ku hayo. There’s tons of women out there. You just need one oo ku fahmeyso.
I wrote this in an hour,is this sticky worth?:feedme: I originally wrote this a week ago but never got to it, my next wife will be in good hands until i i mess up again.:mjlaugh:

It’s a good read that’s for sure

You seem very knowledgeable and experienced. What on earth do you do to mess things up?

Did you holler at that girl yet :mjpls:
"Don't demand it from your wife, just ask her 'can you help me out tonight'".
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