How many steps do you take a day

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Nightline Kid

Imagine still using this shithole of a website.
just make a thread about how somalis are arabs and talk shit about xalimos. you'll be guaranteed a 20 page platinum thread
So of course a useful thread gets no attention

This is zoomalispot after all :bell:
Should've put 'girl' or 'Bantu' in the title
I got the perfect title

"BANTU MAN WITH SOMALI GIRLFRIEND SAYS SOMALIANS ARE ARAB (also how many steps did you take today?)"
You have to make it more original . Inquisitive would have wrote:

" Xalimos under threat of dying at the age of 25 .do you know why ?because they don't take enough steps .I recently met a Xalimo who got stuck in a lift ".
(Followed by a paragraph of nutritional suugo Science ).
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