How many people in your family Speak Arabic

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Nobody, though my hooyo is teaching herself.

I know how to read it if the vowel signs (fathah, dammah, etc) are there. I went to this Arab duqsi where they thought some Arabic, I only know how to say "My name is so-and-so" though
I went to a Dugsi where you had to pay the fee after Duhr .I remember kneegrows doing a usain Bolt before the last sujud so they can buy chicken
And chips :mjlol:


Dad worked for an oil company in the ME many years but idk how much arabic he knows cuz i've never seen him speak it.:manny:
Mum, not so much, just the basics to read Quran.
My siblings and I learnt arabic in Schools and malcaamads backhome. I can or could but I haven't spoken it in many years, so it's a bit rusty:browtf: Markaas no xamasho ya 3yal 3aser, i can speak your xaar language:ufdup:
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Thankfully no one, including the biggest Arab bootyclapper relatives. I am sure not a single one going down 1000 years could speak it

That sort of information is embarassing and something you hide. It is shameful.


My father, paternal grandmother & grandfather.

A lot of my mother's siblings or first cousins can speak it too.


The name is Professor, Haji Professor
surprisingly everyone of my mother's siblings can. They were raised in djbouti and they were taught from a young age. Also my grandma used to visit the middle east alot and so she helped teach her kids. My father as well and my step-father who was raised in aden,Yemen.

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A family relative has Arabic speaking family. They even have satellite TVs tuned to Arabic speaking channels.

Hated going to there tho
I wonder how common Arabic speakers are in Somali households. While most of the younger Somali generations and almost all the western diaspora can't speak a word of Arabic, most of the older generations are more inclined to able to comprehend Arabic; that's why most Somali house holds have at least one or two Arabic speakers.

What's the case for your family?
Including both your parents and living or recently diseased grandparents. How Many of your family members can speak Arabic? and of those how many didn't grow up in the west?

For my family it's 9, both my parents and grandparents, 3 girls and 2 guys could.

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EDIT: Also who's the most Multilingual

All except some of my older siblings who think Arabic is for FOB people only. For me, it is skill.
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