How many of you have Italian Blood

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With blood and Iron will we reach the fatherland
it pains me too say but yes I have Italian pasta blood running through my veins:jcoleno:
However, its better than being part Oromo or Bantu that's for sure,:susp:
And no my great grand father was Somalis and tasted the pasta sauce so WUZ ROMAN:salute:
It's weird how people will claim and search for traces of ajnabi blood in them.
nacalad idinku dhacday ee why aren't yall proud of who u are?

Also last week, everyone was part arab, and now habar walba dhiig italian baa ku jira? :gucciwhat:


Guul ama Dhimasho
That’s means you’re 1/16th Jewish :yacadiim: and your great grandad would be considered Jewish as his mum is Jewish but it ends at him. :yacadiim: Do you have Jew nose or the Somali nose?

I have Somali nose, whatever that means. I do not have hooked nose. Check my dp. That is me.

Huuno, are you repulsed by my Jewishness or are you disgusted by the OP's hijacked thread?

You know ur stuff ileen:mjohreally:
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So that is where I got the ladies man gene, :ohhh:. Great Awoowe was a player. No surprise though, Awoowe (original) T came all the way from Levantine to the hellhole of Africa about 2.000 years ago.
We wuz playaz n shiet, :drakekidding:.

Btw, so much for the spoiler. The cat is out of the bag, :damn:.
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