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I am reading the letters/Biography of a specific famous family in 18th century England. So interesting that, i have read at least 5 bio members of that family, every time i learn something new. Mind you, everything we know about them is diaries, letters they wrote. An entire existence is mapped out due to this personal written testimonies. The interesting part is every individual offers an individual perspective of the whole narrative of their past life which comes to light bits by bits. Something small that was shared in this book, is magnified in details in another book, because it affect certain character more than the others, therefore, i am left with a rich picture of these people lives without even watching a spy camera on them.

I'd say my Nosiness thirst continues to be satisfied.

Imagine if past Somalis wrote diaries and letters? Today we would know which qabil was this or that, which character stole hebels camels or goats, i mean, the entertainment would have been epic



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This is the same reason I made a diary scrapbook project a few years ago. Its sad that Somalis are oral storytellers when the rest of the world wrote everything down