how good is the somali language for insulting people


F*ck Your Feelings
:banderas:Soooo good and hilarious.:cryinglaughsmiley:

Whenever someone gets called a dhuuso or my favourite "dhuusada ku dhashay was" i fall out.

They're very creative with it.


can you translate i dont speak somali
Somali insults are complicated and weird , you can say nothing offensive but belittle that individual you are targeting , they are good at roasting.
I avoid getting into that situation, it's volatile and horrible. I try my best to steer clear from that, I'll always end the arguing and be the bigger person even if I want to go psycho.

Btw no one says that , locally , people would stare at you differently if you say dhuusada ku dhashay was or dameerti ku soo xaartay was , Because it doesn't make sense maybe it's common in other regions but where I'm from we don't say that.

Yes but then again we are a diverse group of people , with different dialects and accents so maybe it is feasible in their case , depending on their area.