How Geography Doomed Africa

Forgot about geography. The inhabitants of the continent itself are borderline fucking retarded, if not retarded. :jcoleno:

Watch with glee:

Too bad you will not alive to witness this. I believe it is Divine Wisdom by the Almighty to forbid you from claiming to originate from an island in the Indian Ocean. Allah wants you to be African until your last day.

You bloody black African Nakupenda Malaylay Zulu
I think it will slow down eventually. Didn’t every continent have an insane birth rate during development?
Also African countries have very high infant mortality rates. I don’t know if those are accounted for in projections of Africas population boom.
Paradoxically, reduction in infant mortality rates makes people tend to have fewer children.
africa is a reserve area for europeans, you be lucky if you the few cali beysteeyns left. the chinese fighting to get hold of congo to the east. it be the first showdown between east and west.


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