How do you guys prevent zinna and the temptation of moving to gyal

Walaahi ponder on the words of Allah. He tells us to lower our gaze and not go near Zina. Allah didn't say don't do Zina, he said don't go Near.

Walaahi, there is no other way.


Ha igu daalinee dantaada raac
Just dont put yourself in a situation where you may end up doing zina like meeting up alone with a girl

its better go public places like a restaurant or coffee shop
Easy only meet up in public places. If visiting her in her home make sure you have her family members present. The same applies if she's in your home.
Keep yourself busy, move around. "Boredom is the devil workshop" and in your little time do what's beneficial by remembering Allah. If you wanna break the chain of zina and temptation attend prayers 5 times day at the mosque


- Delete social media platforms that promote and post lustful images & content
- Lower your gaze
- Fast so you have no energy
- Also remind yourself that zina is not just the action of doing it, its viewing it, commenting on it, etc