How do we keep somali stories alive

Have you ever heard of qori ismaris? A Hyena man.

I think these types of stories are so valuable to our culture, they're our own and unique but how do we salvage and retain them specially in the diaspora.

We need books published in somali and English. Thoughts?



Midnimadeenu Waa Guusha Qaraanka
I use to hear about qoris maris growing up, and also my grandpas 2nd wife was known to have jinni friends, she even had a giant that protected her in baadiye where she grew up. People never messed with her :)


6 foot barefoot
Dhagdheer ,dadqalato, all clasic storirs except idk abt qori is maris, never heard of it

Also wiil waal, cigaal shidaad, and the kid who lied until no one believed him and predators ate him, are all the funniest