How do I learn Somali grammar?

Walahi my parents f*cked us over by not teaching us Somali. They used us to practice their english :kanyehmm: Now they only really speak English to us now esp since my younger siblings don’t understand Somali well.

I tried to ask my hooyo once why her and aabo didn’t teach us to speak fluently and she said knowing Somali is not important in Canada so who cares.

Anyways can’t change the past but I want to learn Somali properly now. I can’t speak to relatives back home and older Somali people I come across without sounding dumb. I work in healthcare and when I come across Somali patients they’re so happy to see another Somali only to find out my Somali is trash:mjlol:

I understand Somali pretty well and can speak basic Somali but full conversations are hard. I struggle with grammar more than anything else. When I try to find resources online they only focus on vocabulary which is not what I have problems with

Can anyone help me
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Best thing you can do is try to immerse yourself in as much Somali media as possible, Watch Somali news and shows. Checkout Somali YouTubers, stalk old men at the cafe etc
Rebounding off of @Radical Canjeerorism's sound advice, consume as much somalia media as you can.I tend to favour news videos and politics because they tend to use very formal somali without any urban slang.The more you immerse yourself in somali media you'll see a gradual increase in your understanding, if you come across words you dont understand when viewing,purchase a somali dictionary or ask your parents for the meaning.


Your parents are smart. You don’t need Somali but they need English. The fastest way to learn is to speak it with your friends.
Here, because of the considerable somali population, they teach it in school and universities.

Somali language is just as nuanced and complex as other languages, even though I consider myself somehow fluent, recently started learning and found out that 'Anaga' and 'inaga' don't necessarily have the same use/meaning.

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