How comes there no flights from Somalia to Somaliland?

Whilst in Galmudug I would like to take a four day vacation to Hargaysa. But noticed that there is no flights from Galkayo to Hargaysa. Why is that? It would have been cool to be able to travel to Somaliland from Galmudug. I like Hargaysa, one of my favorite cities in East Africa.

I used to be happy going to Mogadishu but I hate that place ever since Farmajoo became the mayor of Mogadishu. Daily bombings and killings, it is no longer safe.

Many years ago, it was possible to travel from Galkayo to Hargaysa. It was only 1 hr flight and the cost was $90.

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Because they want the UN to notice their separation, lolll I’m somali in one state but unrecognized in the other


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They’re flights from Muqdisho to Hargeisa. There used to be flights from Galkacyo to Berbera as well I believe


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Simple as. It is not profitable. Not everyday would would see someone from Hargesia go to Galkayo and Vice Versa.


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