How can we stop overgrazing in somalia?

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In addition to the already growing rate of deforestation for illegal charcoal trade one can hardly fail to notice the elephant in the room which is unfortunately the issue of Nomadic culture contributing to the degradation of our soil and flora and fauna. My gripe with Nomadic culture is that it is hard to control and the government has failed to show any interest in managing nomads and herders and designating them to certain areas, or even teaching them the issues surrounding overgrazing and how harmful it is to our soil. A system has to be developed that is in favour of the nomads and teaches them to maintain and manage the environment rather than destroy it.



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I was thinking the same thing when I saw a video of reer miyi people letting loose their camels and goats in a grass field.
I was thinking the same thing when I saw a video of reer miyi people letting loose their camels and goats in a grass field.
After watching pretty much all somalia videos and vlogs on youtube i've yet to see one road or area without rogue sheep and camels literally eating whatever they see. This is ridiculous and you wonder why the regions are dusty and the soil can't retain water. If all the water runs off into the ocean then it messes up the water rain cycle, as no water seeps through the now impermeable and damaged soil it won't flow into underground water aquifers and in turn no water will evaporate from small boreholes and trees that will be left with less water to absorb therefore decreasing the evaporation rate. This will lead to sporadic rain fall and long dry seasons. Trees are very important for increasing rain fall and most humans are ignorant of this fact. It also doesn't help the cause that somalis cut down so many trees over the past decades without replanting them.


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E= Educationv= educating people about the importance of trees & plants... and the dangers deforestation

A= Awareness= raising awareness: be it radio, or magazines

C= consequences= there must be consequences for those who cut the trees/deforestation, unless they plant another ones/trees = REFORESTATION


If that's gonna work, so be it!!
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