How big is your family

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The humble one
Our parents’ generation is probably the last where you could have many kids. The world right now is something else
how can you sleep at night
I can sleep through anything.

>The better question is does he have a bed to sleep on

>how many rooms do they got to have this type family
We are not all from the same mother.

wife 1 (deceased aun) 3 sons
wife 2 (deceased aun) 1 daughter
wife 3 (separated) 1 son 1 daughter
wife 4 (separated) 2 sons 3 daughters - im the eldest.

4 bed house and shared a room with my brother. I have since moved out and none of my older brothers/sisters have ever lived with us.
Not that big. I wish i had lots of male cousins. I always felt left out when my arab classmates would hang out with their 20 cousins. Most of my male cousins are scattered across the globe.

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