How 'Anna Karenina' Saved A Somali Inmate's Life

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In 1980, a Somali government prisoner was sentenced to life in solitary confinement. He contemplated suicide until the prisoner in the next cell tapped out the words of a book in modified Morse code.



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I got annoyed when seeing that the audio clip in the article was 35 damn minutes long but it's actually very interesting :ehh:
Very professionally presented podcast :leon:


Interesting and well worth the listen in case anyone's wondering. Adding Rough Translations to my growing lineup of pods.


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Anna Karenina is a family favorite however I can't seem to read into a couple pages because it's too sexual (I watched the movie which is why I know this).

I'm really glad it made him sane and allowed him to be empathetic.


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Here is an autobiography of Mohamed Barud

I have that book. It was a struggle reading it because of all the things they happened to him and the other prisoners.

Countless Somalis have suffered under that military regime over it's rule. AUN to the ones who died by their torture.
I saw this ages ago. It's old news.

An oldie, but a goldie.

The opening line of AK is memorable: All happy families are alike, but all unhappy families are unhappy in their own special way. That's the gist anyway. Have to read it sometime.


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800 pages of Morse code? That's dedication, but then again when you are in prison time is all you have.. I have seen the movie adaption and it was shitty.
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