House clothing?

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Somalis have a culture of covering up inside and outside of the house as we are so used to having random visitors in the house. Hence the constant baati/dirac/garbasaar combo which can become very repetitive and frankly, unappealing.

In Arab countries they have separate entrances and living rooms for different genders which allows women to dress how they wish at home. Is it the same in Somalia??

How do you/did you dress at home?? Did this change once you got married?
The guys often wear whatever they wear outside the house inside the house (which seems like it would be nice)

But women are expected to be constantly cooking or cleaning so baatis are really the only appropriate clothing unless you want your nice clothes to absorb the smell of whatever your cooking, or get stained with bleach


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I wore Pjs and T-shirts when I was single, I still wear Pjs and T-shirts. We hardly get guests unless it’s planned so no worries there.

I don’t find baati comfortable, unless you are wearing something under it you have to treat it like a dress :stopit:


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So, recently I went and bought a bunch of shorts and I love wearing them around the house/outside. Been going to the gym like crazy and my legs are super defined now and my ass looks great in them. :shaq:


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I wear baati when I’m cleaning and cooking. If I’m chilling I wear lounge wear or causal clothing.
If guests coming over I wear baati or abaya.
For bedtime I wear pjs.
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