hitting kids is it ok?


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OMG She's terrorizing the poor child :frdfvsb:. where are the psychopath killers, they need to catch this woman alive and decapitate her.

I'm cool with her getting her ass kicked by the gang, but that's a tad too far homie :whoo:


I could agree with you but then we’d both be wrong
That's his remorseless teacher not his mom but the kid is very tough. All those punches and he walks away like nothing happened. What a brave little soul.

That teacher should be jailed for years. Terrible human being.
That is child abuse. If she is in the west she should be arrested. But If she is in Africa i'm afraid it is business as usual. That whole continent is cursed.
I cannot watch this video. It would make me cry. I will never hit my children (when Allah blesses me with them).
There are so many ways to raise them without raising your hand or your voice. Like my brother @Armadillo said, people need to be tested.


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I think beating kids is okay as long as its discipline and not abuse.

As a kid, I was beaten with an electrical wire (xarig), a metal spoon (malqacad/qaado), a metal hanger, a sandal/dacas, hands, a broomstick (mifiq/xaaqin) a belt (soun)

I never cried , i was tough :kodaksmiley:, my brother did thats why hes soft :pachah1:
that's all I remember for now :drakelaugh:


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I didn’t watch the video…I read the comments first and decided that I am better off not seeing the video. I don’t want to watch a helpless child getting beat up.

Anyways, I don’t agree with corporal punishment. Luckily for me and my siblings, our parents never used this on us and we all turned out to be well adjusted adults Alhumdulillah.

I have cousins, whose parents used to use physical punishment on them quite often, and guess how those cousins of mine turned out? Most of them are daqan celis now. So all that flogging failed to achieve any good outcomes.